Dog Services

Pet Sitting Croxley offers you a friendly and reliable range of dog services on an occasional or regular basis. You have the freedom of a day out with complete peace of mind, whilst we walk or care for your dog.

Dog Walking

Dogs that are left alone for long periods or receive inadequate mental and physical stimulation are likely to become bored or distressed, which can lead to destructive behaviour. Let us help, by giving your dog the exercise s/he needs, and help to keep both you and your dog happy.

  • All walks are tailored to our client's individual needs, from a gentle stroll to an energetic run
  • Our walks aim to be fun and stimulating, ensuring a contented and well exercised dog on your return
  • We are happy to reinforce any training needs you would like to discuss with us
  • All walks are varied, making use of the many lovely wooded and green open spaces around us
  • Back home, muddy paws will be wiped, fresh water given and basic grooming carried out if required

Your dog will always be walked individually at first, and then can be introduced to walk with other well socialised dogs, but only at your request.

Puppy Care

A puppy needs regular meals and toilet breaks, as well as social contact and education. Dogs are social animals and puppies, particularly, need plenty of social contact for the majority of the day. Well-socialised puppies grow up to be friendly and happy in the company of people and other animals, can be taken anywhere, and make successful pets.

Our visits last half an hour and include:

  • Toileting
  • Feeding
  • Cleaning up
  • Playtime and cuddles
  • Reinforcing any training you have started
  • Daily log of puppy�s actions and achievements

Contact us now for more information on our dog walking, puppy care and home visits.


Part of our service includes a 'Profile' of every dog in our care which includes specific information relating to Health, Diet, Play, Behaviour, Vet�s details and Emergency contact numbers.

We aim to take the very best care of your faithful companion!

Home Visits

If you have a dog that requires more frequent toilet breaks or a dog that requires medication whilst you are out, we can pop in to attend to their needs, so that you don't need to worry!

Pet Sitting Croxley is run and owned by Emma & Mark who are police checked and fully insured to look after your pets. With many years' experience of owning and caring for dogs, cats and other small animals, you can rest assured your pets are in very safe hands.

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